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Full Service Property Management

Veritas offers a comprehensive range of services designed to keep clients’ properties running smoothly. Whether it’s controls for building systems like heat or water, security issues, employee screenings, billing, or New York City filings, we’re on top of it, making sure clients are up to date and in compliance. Our mission is to make sure the properties we manage are successful and financially sound.


  • Building Operations
  • Board and Shareholder Meetings
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Local Law 11 project management
  • Alteration agreements
  • Maintenance Collection
  • Repairs
  • Cost-Savings Analysis
  • Electronic Billing
  • Capital Improvements
  • Vendor Vetting
  • Risk Control
  • Staff Reviews
  • Elevator/boiler inspections
  • Equipment Efficiency and Testing
  • Real Estate Sales and Rental
  • Master Insurance Policy Coverage

Building Administration and Operation
We handle all administrative basics, from maintenance collection to payments, insurance, taxes, and more. When it comes to management services, we’re responsive to both board members and individual owners or tenants. We make sure all filings, inspections, and registrations are taken care of, and that a property’s finances are in order.

Project Management
For properties undertaking a capital improvement or necessary repair, our agents are fully involved in the building process, vetting of vendors, contract negotiation and in dealing with appropriate contractors and engineers.

Purchasing Oversight
From insurance to vendors and contractors, we make sure your property is paying competitive prices for its goods and services. We also make sure your property is getting the quality and completed project it pays for.

Online Services
Our web-based applications allow clients to access their information safely and securely via our website, including:

  • Management reports and leasing applications
  • Monthly invoices and statements
  • Account balances and transactions
  • Resident electronic billing and e-Payments

Learn more about Veritas Online.

Compliance and Filings
For clients who want to make sure they’re protected, we maintain risk control programs with routine monitoring and testing of policies and procedures. Our goal is to ensure that financial risks, site violations and safety oversights are minimized.

Management Reports and Board Services
Property owners, boards of directors, and managers benefit from Veritas’ meaningful and timely analyses, including monthly financial reviews, board minutes, and project management reports. Veritas works closely with owners to prepare and document minutes of meetings, interviews, and employee reviews.

Efficiency Testing
Veritas uses technology to effectively analyze water controls, boiler controls, lighting systems, oil/gas reduction and more, to help save property owners money on every day expenditures.

Union Negotiations
For buildings with unionized staff, we handle contract negotiation and preparation. Veritas also handles necessary prep work and routine management so that we can resolve any matters that arise with a building’s personnel or daily maintenance.

Staff Management
We are actively involved with the hiring and training of property owners’ staff including supervision, performance reviews and follow-up documentation.

Real Estate Sales & Service
Veritas offers a full range of services including licensed real estate brokerage, rentals and sales. We help our clients buy, rent or sell properties, obtain a mortgage and more.

If you want to know more about Veritas’ services and how we can help your property, call us at (212) 799-2365 or contact us via email.

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