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Replacing Worn-Out Steam Traps

Properly functioning steam traps are very important in a building’s heating system. For this reason, it is crucial to get your steam traps checked whenever you suspect a malfunction. This will enable you to get the problem fixed early, so that you can offset maintenance

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Tips for Surviving an Elevator Shutdown

Cases of elevator shutdown are certainly becoming much more common, as the boards of condos and coops rush to install mandatory door lock monitors before the deadline arrives in January 2020. Due to the intensive work required, many boards opt to temporarily shut down elevators

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The Benefits of Real-Time Cost Monitoring

Recently, one of our prominent co-op clients embarked on a massive 5-year capital-improvement project with a projected outlay of about $40 million. To get on with the project, which essentially involves rebuilding the facades, windows and doors, they had to refinance their mortgage and take

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Size Matters When It Comes To Steam Boilers

The use of steam boilers to heat our homes is not anything new. Powerful steam boilers have been in existence since the early 19th century, when they were the leading heating equipment for most buildings. So dominant were the boilers that one could leave the

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Tools to Meet Carbon Targets

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the (often heated) debate about global warming and climate change, and how our lives will be affected. And while the federal government is still deliberating on whether or not global warming is “fake news”, the state

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The New Rules Doesn’t Seem To Stop Coming

Owning or managing a condo, or co-op building in New York is quite harder than what most people think. This is mainly due to stringent laws imposed by various authorities. Notably, one of the new laws requires condo owners, and co-op boards to take their

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