What’s new for Veritas clients

Happy Retirement, Jay!

Best of luck on all future endeavors. We’re going to miss you. 

Habitat Magazine: Yes, it can be done.

If you master the art of the deal-making. Watch Carl Borenstein, president of Veritas Property Management discuss replacing the roof without breaking the bank.

The Cooperator Expo 2018: Veritas will be there!

Veritas Property Management will be on the first level of the Cooperator Expo, coming up on Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at New York’s Hilton Hotel. This show is a must for NYC co-op and condo owners because of the broad range of exhibitors. From professional services like law firms, accountants, and engineers, to landscapers, exterminators, and elevator repair, you’ll meet vendors and specialists dedicated to New York’s co-op and condo owners.

A note here about the most recent assistant and managers to join the Veritas staff. We will include a brief introduction.

The new tax bill and you
Are you wondering what the new tax bill means to you? Here is a general guide from The New York Times with advice on what documents you need to retain for your 2018 taxes. Remember to keep copies of your home improvement receipts.

For those who would like to know specifically how New York’s Co-ops and condo owners will be affected by the new tax code, here is an article from the Cooperator News, with information on mortgage deductions and much more.