Our Company

Veritas Property Management is one of New York’s most respected and innovative property management firms. Launched in 2006 by three highly experienced property managers who wanted to combine their respective knowledge of New York’s co-op, condo, and rental markets, Veritas offers total property management solutions with a focus on service. In a digital age, Veritas managers pride themselves on being at our clients’ properties quickly and in person.

Veritas has earned its reputation for reliability and competence. Through our unique formula of manager training, regulatory knowledge, quick response time, and innovative use of cost-saving technology, we make sure the properties we manage are successful and financially sound.  And as the world changes, Veritas has changed with it; whether it’s controls for building systems like heat or water, security issues, employee screenings, or Local law changes, we’re on top of it, making sure clients are up to date and in compliance. Veritas works with boards, vendors, owners and unions to streamline the long list of daily responsibilities facing properties.

Our central location near Columbus Circle allows for the quickest response time and on-site attention to issues facing property owners.  Today, we have over xx agents on staff, with a support team and back office, so each property gets the attention it deserves.  Let our experienced team of professionals support you in the work we’ve spent decades perfecting.

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