A Season For Every Roof Job

All you need to replace your old roof is a new roof, right?  Well, not really – roof replacement is not as straightforward as it appears. For instance, a contractor was recently hired by an affluent condo board to undertake a million-dollar roof replacement project.

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Long-Range Planning Helps Boards Avoid Sticker Shock

The sheer size and stature of buildings can give the impression that these structures are indestructible. However, this is not remotely true. Just like our bodies, cars and machines, a building’s structure can also be compromised over time. When this happens, it may become a

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A New Way to Finance the Greening of Co-ops

Let’s Give PACE a Chance. PACE is a new exciting way of financing property improvements. It is currently available in the District of Columbia and 33 other states. PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy and is the new way to finance eco-friendly property management

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